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Alexandria is the second biggest city in Egypt, It is internationally known as "The Bride of the Mediterranean" with beaches extending along the Mediterranean for 30 KM Was built by Alexander the great (322 BC) to be the capital of his reign in Egypt & was the capital of Egypt under Cleopatra.
The following excursions are available for those are resident at Alexandria or arriving by Ships cruises to Alexandria port for a day or longer.
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Egypt’s smallest governorate, is the country’s premier winter resort (10 to 24 C) offering a delightful, natural beauty, a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere with a warm and dry climate A wide variety of ancient monuments and the peaceful beauty of the countryside draw visitors here throughout the winter months.
Lying 890 km south of Cairo, it has long been known as the “Gate of Africa”. The contact point between Arabian North Africa and sub-Saharan cultures, much of its charm comes from the Nile River, which runs through it, as well as from a number of small Lush Islands in the Nile, such as the Elephantine Island. It is considered one of the oldest inhabited places in Aswan, a center of worship during the Pharaonic era. South of Aswan stands one of the world’s outstanding engineering feats in thus century. Its construction in the early 1960’s created an enormous reservoir, Lake Nasser, the largest artificial lake in the world.
Aswan is also the easiest base of exploring a number of Nubian monuments, such as the Philae and Abu Simbel Temple
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Named by the Greek poet Homer “Thebes of the Thousand Gates” , Luxor was the center of power of almost 1500 years. Luxor which means in Arabic “The Palaces” reflects its rich array of magnificent temples and tombs. During the 7th century B.C., 2700 years ago, the Assyrians invaded Egypt and left the city of Thebes in ruin. Today “invaders” are visitors who frequently arrive on Nile Cruise ships to view the remnants of truly magnificent civilization.
Within the confines of Luxor are some of the grandest monuments of the ancient world. On the East Bank are the splendid Temples of Luxor and Karnak besides the Luxor Museum, which houses an impressive collection of local antiquities.
An overwhelming array of complex gateways, ruined temples, ancient chapels, gigantic columns and extraordinary tribute to the ancient Egyptian, On the West Bank are the Valley of the Kings and Valley of Queens, Hatshepsout temple and many other profusion of historic and artistic wealth.
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Port Said
The city of Port said was established when the Suez Canal was dug out in 1869. It is located on the Mediterranean as the north entrance to the Suez Canal, About 220 KM from Cairo
Geographically, it links Africa with Asia through Port Fouad, A suburb on the east bank of the Suez Canal; it is also considered the meeting point of the important maritime routes between east & west.
The following excursions are available for those are resident at Port Said or arriving by Ships cruises to Port Said for a day or longer.
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Cairo is the capital of Egypt and considered the largest Egyptian city in terms of area and population. Also is the largest city in Africa and the heart of the Arab world. Here where East meets West and where a thousand minarets adorn the skyline alongside a sea of skyscrapers.
Cairo will strike one as a land of vivid contrasts. Its ancient civilization, unique history and culture blend harmoniously with the modern refinements of the 20th century.
Cairo is the first step of your visit to Egypt and your gate to the Egyptian life and History What mainly attracts the visitor in Cairo is that vital blend of majestic past and glorious present.
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In recent times this small isolated fishing village has become a popular tourist resort thanks to its exceptionally blue water, its intricate coral reef and its wide sandy beaches which stretch out from the feet of the desert mountains situated on the western coast of the red sea , 395 km to the south of Suez and approximately 280 km from Luxor , enclosed between the sea and the desert, Hurghada enjoys wonderful climate all year around.
Here you can admire the typical architecture of the houses and enjoy a visit to its important Marine Museum. But the most surprising attraction is the Red Sea itself whose sea floor is populated by unique Fauna and Flora .The coral reef is inhabited by horny coral, devil fish, shells and colorful and extraordinarily shaped fish.
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Sharm El Shikh
Contrast the simplicity of the warm sun, Azure Sea and clean, white sand with the luxury of the Five-star hotels, water sports, entertainment and the finest meetings and conference facilities, this is Sharm El Sheikh one of the most beautiful tourist destinations on the Sinai Peninsula.
The 10 miles stretch of beach is surrounded by spectacular mountains and faces the stunning Red Sea. Large complexes belonging to international hotel chains have chosen Sharm El Sheikh for its unspoiled location, the convenience of travel and the wide range of facilities on offer. At Sharm El Sheikh you will find the amenities which can be expected from a first-class destination. Casinos, nightclubs, golf courses and spa facilities
Add to that activities such as; diving, sailing and water sports, horse riding, camel trekking, desert safaris and nearby ancient sites. It is a total resort experience whether you want to relax or be adventurous.
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